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HappyTechno Parties
Our story

HappyTechno is a music trend characterised by happiness and high-quality electronic music, with its HQ being Barcelona. It was created by Lexlay in 2005, and since then it has been in constant evolution.

The music tracks range from a selected House tracls to Techno (with ultra dancing notes!), and super groovy Tech House songs.

    • Happiness100%
    • Groove100%
    • Music Lovers100%
    • Soul100%

We have played in so many events around several cities around the world, such as: Santiago de Chile, Mexico city, Brussels, Amsterdam, Miami, Ibiza. Its HQ residence has been La Terraza and City Hall in Barcelona (Spain). In the latest venue, we hosted 325 parties to date, always on Saturdays.

We have always been very demanding with the quality of the DJs and the music they play, and as such we have worked with the best national and international djs.

Energy, strength, freshness, and rhythm are the elements which shape our concept: as simple as attractive.



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